Bank Holiday Alert / Next week will be 6 consecutive bank days

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If you are planning to work in a bank, the bank will have 6 consecutive days off in the coming weeks. So you plan all your work based on these holiday dates so as not to get pushed

Bank Holiday Alert / Next week will be 6 consecutive bank days

The bank will be closed for 6 days in the coming weeks

Know the holiday dates and plan work

Otherwise will have to push

Everyone stays in the bank for a whole month. But if we talk about July, the bank will be closed for 15 days this month. With this, the bank will be closed for a total of 6 days in the coming week. If you also know about these holidays, you will not have any difficulty in doing bank work.

The 6-day holiday includes the festival as well as the second and fourth Saturday and Sunday holidays.

The bank will be closed for 9 days due to the festival in July

According to the Reserve Bank of India holidays, there will be holidays in 9 different states due to the festival. For this, if you are planning to do any important work related to the bank in July, you need to follow the holiday list. Today we are giving you this list. You can also use an ATM during the holidays to keep in mind that online transactions will continue. These holidays are bank-related and the bank will be completely closed these days.

Find out which 6 days the bank will be continuously closed in the coming week

11 July 2021- Sunday holiday

12 July 2021 - Monday - Kang - Rathyatra holiday (Bhubaneswar / Imphal)

13 July 2021 - Tuesday - Bhanu Jayanti (Gangtok)

July 14, 2021 - Wednesday - Drukpa Tshechi (Gangtok)

15 July 2021 - Thursday - Harel Puja (Dehradun)

17 July 2021 - Saturday - U Tirot Singh Day / Kharchi Puja (Agartala, Shillong)

July 18, 2021 - Sunday off

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