An easy way to identify fake phone chargers and USB cables

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The number of mobile phone users in the country and in the world is also increasing day by day. The mobile phone business is booming. But fake smartphone chargers are still a big problem for phone batteries today. Fake chargers sometimes cause the smartphone's battery to explode

Causing serious injury to the user. In many cases the user also dies. A 70-year-old man and his 20-year-old daughter have died in Chennai. Both were killed in a blast in the smartphone charger. There are many chargers in the market that are similar to the original charger, but these chargers are fake. If you are an iPhone user, be careful when buying a charger

Designed by Apple in California. While the counterfeit charger has the Apple logo darker than usual. If you are buying a Xiaomi charger, measure the length of its charging cable once. If it is more than 150 cm and the adapter is longer than usual, then the charger will be fake. When buying a Samsung charger, make sure that its specification is printed. If both A + and Made in China are written on the charger

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It should be understood that this charger is a fake. When buying a OnePlus dash charger, keep in mind that your phone is not a normal one, but will come with a flash charging logo. If not here's a new product just for you! When buying a Huawei charger, keep in mind that all the barcode information printed on the charger matches the information provided on the adapter. If this information does not match then this charger will be fake.