Lockdown somewhere in Gujarat, for how many days

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Lockdown and curfew are the only way to curb Corona's case. The less people come in contact with each other, the less coronavirus will spread. The government has not announced a lockdown, but night curfew is still in place in some cities in Gujarat. It is very important that people show self-discipline. That is why many cities and small villages in Gujarat have turned to voluntary lockdown. Strict measures have been taken in many villages. A two-day lockdown has been imposed for a week or a Saturday-Sunday.

Many villages and towns in the state have started imposing voluntary lockdown. Voluntary lockdown has been imposed in about 100 villages and towns of Gujarat. In some villages, voluntary lockdowns ranging from one week to 15 days have been imposed. Then see where the lockdown is ...

A spontaneous lockdown will be held in Dhoraji for 2 days by the Dhoraji Chamber of Commerce in view of the growing case of Corona in Rajkot. All Dhoraji businesses will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Businesses other than essential services such as medical stores and dairies will be closed. People are appealed to follow Corona’s guidelines like masks and social distance.

Big decision: Now in addition to night curfew, markets will also be closed in the afternoon

A voluntary shutdown has been announced in Bhiloda of Aravalli on Saturday and Sunday. The decision has been taken by the trade association and the panchayat in 70 cases of Rapid Coro in two days. The market will be closed from tonight to Monday morning.

The people of Nawalgarh village in Dhrangadhra taluka have launched a new effort to protect themselves against the Koro epidemic. Village leaders and villagers have declared a clean lockdown to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the village. Admission is being given only after screening the health of all the people coming and going from outside the village. Villagers have become aware of the corona virus.

Despite a loss of millions of rupees, the city of Gujarat was given an eight-day lockdown

In Ajotha village of Veraval, 25 cases of corona have been reported. Lockdown has been decided by Ajotha Gram Panchayat. Gram Panchayat has issued a notification regarding lockdown. The village will be open only from 6 to 12 in the morning for the necessities of life. The rest will follow the spontaneous tightening.

Vigilance was seen in rural areas amid increasing Koro transition in Tapi district. The new falia village of Valod taluka has been declared a spontaneous lockdown. People from the surrounding villages, including relatives and hawkers, are barred from entering the village. A spontaneous lockdown has taken place in the village following the transition to Koro.


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Kheersara village of Lodhika in Rajkot district is being closed from 10 am to 5 am and after 8 pm. Villages in Rajkot district are on high alert amid the Corona epidemic. So far, five villages in Rajkot district have declared voluntary lockdown.

After Palanpur, Deesa and Bhabhar, a voluntary lockdown has been decided in Diodar. Deodar Province Officer MK Desai has appealed for public interest by keeping Swayambhu Deodar closed. Deodar traders, leaders have agreed to observe a two-day spontaneous shutdown on Saturday-Sunday. There will be a voluntary lockdown from midnight on Friday to 6 a.m. Monday.

As the transition of corona in Morbi city and district is increasing day by day, efforts have also been made by the system, social organizations, society and organization to control corona. But it still does not get the expected result. The meeting was then held in the conference hall at Morbi District Collectorate in the presence of Morbi District Acting Secretary Manisha Chandra in the presence of officials including the District Collector and Presidents of various Associations including the President of the Chamber of Commerce.

 After extensive discussions at the meeting, it was decided to observe a two-day full voluntary shutdown within the Morbi district on Saturday and Sunday to break the chain of Corona transition and for the safety of the people of Morbi district.

Also, the decision has been taken in this meeting to do business only from 6 am to 2 pm every day from Monday to Friday.

A partial lockdown has been declared in Unawa village of Gandhinagar. Time has been fixed for shops and hawkers in the village. Shops and hawkers in the village will be allowed to come only from 6 am to 2 pm. The decision will remain in force until a new order is issued.

A complete lockdown has been imposed in the large Munjiyasar village of Bagasara in Amreli from today. It was decided by the gram panchayat and the villagers that the village would be closed for 7 days. Penalties have also been provided for violators of the Covid-19 guideline.

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