Inden, India HP gas cylinder will now be booked in minutes

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Customers can book LPG cylinders in minutes via WhatsApp and SMS. There is news of relief for customers of Inden, Bharat Gas and HP. You can easily book an LPG cylinder. Booking will no longer be a problem. Customers can book LPG cylinders in minutes via WhatsApp and SMS. Gas companies offer many services for the convenience of their customers.

Find out where to book ...

Customers can make a booking by contacting a gas agency or dealer. Alternatively one can book a gas cylinder by going to the website or by booking a message on the company's WhatsApp number to book an LPG gas cylinder. Customers in India, HP and India can easily book LPG cylinders through WhatsApp.

Learn how Inden, HP and Bharat Gas customers can make bookings. What is the process ...

1. Inden Customers

Inden customers can book LPG cylinders by calling 7718955555. You can book a cylinder by typing REFILL on WhatsApp and texting 7588888824. Customers will have to message from their registered mobile number only.

2. India Gas Customers

Bharat Gas customers will have to message for booking of gas cylinders by typing BOOK or 1 on their registered mobile number 1800224344. The booking request will then be accepted by the gas agency and you will get an alert of accepted on your WhatsApp number and your work will be done.

3. HP customers

Customers can book an HP gas cylinder by sending a message on WhatsApp to 9222201122. The customer will be able to send a message from a registered mobile number. This number will keep you informed of many other services. HP customers can also get information about their LP quota, LPG ID, etc. by texting here.

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