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How to make passport size photo from mobile in 1 minute

Hello friends, welcome all of you once again. Today's post is related to Photoshop, today I will tell you how you can make a passport size photo in Photoshop and print it in just 2 minutes. If you have a lot of knowledge about internet or photo editing, then you all know very well that Photoshop is such a popular photo editing software in the world. If you learn Photoshop

How to make passport size photo from mobile in 1 minute

well then I believe that you can earn good money very easily, for this you will get many tutorials on the internet which can help you some more. So in today's post, I will give you complete information about how you can get passport size photo ready and get it printed in just 2 minutes.

Today we will learn from this post that in just 5 minutes Passport size photo kaise banaye? If you have a computer, then you can easily make a passport size photo using the photoshop from your computer as well as you can print it with the computer printer, and you can also use that photo for less. Ho.

Many people think that making a passport size photo is a very humble task, but it is not so at all, if you have a computer, then very easily you can make any photo passport size.

How to make a passport size photo: School, college and job require very small size photo while filling the form. Many people use some software or tools to resize their photos but the quality of their photos has deteriorated because they do not know how to use this software. Log in to Photo Studio or Color Lab to find out. All these logs use Photoshop or any other software, they have exposure to this software which creates photos with passport size in passport size.

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