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The Gujarat High Court today slammed the government for taking seriously the deteriorating situation of Corona in Gujarat. The High Court had slammed the Gujarat government for failing to take care of Koro's case. The High Court struck down a number of issues. At the same time, the government remained unaware of why Corona was in such a state until October. At the same time, the High Court has directed the government to close public gatherings. So the court allowed 50 people on occasions like marriage and death.

If you are married to someone in your home, you need to know this instruction given by the High Court

The High Court suggested that all functions except marriage and cremation should be banned. Subtract the permission of 100 men given at the wedding. Also reduce staff in the corporate sector and the private sector.

At the same time, the High Court said that there are booth-wise statistics and societies for elections. Why can't you put that plan to work? Perform Booth Wise operations. Curfew is not enforced. Early in the morning people are seen on the road. Masks and social distances are not observed. The people who follow the spontaneous closure are much smarter than everyone else. After the government and the High Court put their side on a number of issues in the hearing, it was decided that a further hearing on Suomoto would be held on April 15.

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