New Happy Holi Status 2021 | Holi Shayari, Quotes Images Download

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Everyone will know when Holi is; But do you know why we celebrate Holi? Hearing the name of Holi creates a feeling of happiness and joy in the mind. Holi is a festival of colors in which everyone from children to old people join in and celebrate this day with great fanfare, hence this festival is also called the festival of all happiness.

New Happy Holi Status 2021 | Holi Shayari, Quotes Images Download

There is no other country in the whole world like our India where people get together and enjoy all the festivals together without any discrimination.

This festival is the major and popular festival of Hindus but still this festival is celebrated by people of all religions everywhere together with love due to which this festival increases the affection towards each other and brings them closer.

There is a mythical and true story hidden behind all the festivals celebrated in our country. In the same way, there are many stories behind playing with colors in holi. Today from this article we will know why Holi is celebrated?

Why Holi is celebrated

After all, why is the festival of Holi celebrated? There are many mythological stories associated with this festival of Holi, the most popular of which is the story of Prahlada and his devotion. It is believed that in ancient times there was a powerful Assyrian named Hiranyakashyap who was blessed by Brahma to be killed by no human or animal, nor by any weapon, neither inside nor outside the house. Neither in the day nor in the night, nor in the earth nor in the sky.

Holi is a festival celebrated with great fanfare in every province of the country. It is celebrated in different provinces according to their culture. This festival inspires us to get along with everyone in life.

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When Holika sat in the fire with Prahlada, he was chanting Lord Vishnu. Protecting his devotees is the greatest duty of God so he also hatched a conspiracy and a storm came which blew away the garment wrapped around the body of the bonfire and consumed the bonfire which got the gift of not burning with fire and there the other devotee Prahlada was not even touched by Agni Dev.

Since then till today people of Hinduism see this day as the victory of good over evil and from that day Holi festival was started and people used to play with colors to celebrate this day.

Exactly one day before Holi, Holika Dahan takes place in which in a pile made of wood, grass and cow dung, man burns his own evil around it and promises to start anew from the next day.

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