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NetVelocity Mobile Internet speed Checker Apps 2021

NetVelocity is a multipurpose mobile application that enables users to test, measure, compare and share their network performance anytime, anywhere.

NetVelocity Mobile Internet speed Checker Apps 2021

Speed ​​test

Perform motion tests to gain real-time insight into your carrier's performance.

Campaign and work order

It allows enterprise users to manage work, measure coverage in the building, perform live drive tests.


Collects and analyzes customer feedback based on events and user feedback.


Synchronize end-user friends via Facebook. Allows new users to receive and accept requests.

Engineering mode

Advanced features for measuring network performance and optimizing and tuning optimization.

IP tools

Implementation of network diagnostic commands such as traceroot, ping, DNS lookup and port scanner.

RF information

Allows users to easily monitor additional LTE parameters, i.e. band information, TAC, RF KPI, neighboring cells and serving cell information.

Device information

Capture device information such as device specific KPI, battery performance, temperature and chipset, build and OS version.

Network testing

With a single click, perform a driving test using a predefined coverage test sequence.

Download APK(16.4 MB)

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