Book a gas cylinder from Paytm get 700 rupees cashback

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The price of LPG cylinders is constantly rising and the people of the country are upset because of it. In the meantime, we are giving you an information that can give you relief in this era of inflation. Speaking of LPG cylinder at this time, it is different in every state. It is Rs 819 in Delhi, Rs 840 in Ahmedabad, Rs 845 in Kolkata, Rs 819 in Mumbai, Rs 822 in Bengaluru, Rs 845.5 in Bhubaneswar and Rs 828.50 in Chandigarh.

Book a gas cylinder from Paytm get 700 rupees cashback

Now digital payment company Paytm has launched a special offer to benefit customers. Under this offer, if a user books LPG gas through Paytm, he can get cashback of up to Rs 700. Also Paytm is offering a new offer in which customers are getting free LPG gas cylinders at home. You are getting LPG gas cylinder almost free as per Paytm's new offer.

Book a gas cylinder from Paytm, get 700 rupees cashback

To take advantage of Paytm's offer, you must first follow a few simple steps. To avail Paytm Cashback, you have to boot LPG gas from Paytm. This is not the first time that Paytm has made such an offer to a customer, but even before that Paytm had made an offer for LPG gas booking, giving customers a cashback of up to Rs 500 on booking.

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Everyone's home uses gas, so you'll be booking in a month or so. If you are booking LPG gas from Paytm for the first time then you are eligible for this offer. Paytm is offering a cashback of around Rs 700 on an LPG gas cylinder which the customer gets for Rs 819. Paytm's offer is that customers are getting cylinders almost for free.

Book a gas cylinder from Paytm

When booking LPG gas cylinders from Paytm, customers will get a cashback scratch card of Rs 700 which will be available on the first booking from Paytm. Now if a user books the cylinder for the first time or pays for the booking of their existing cylinder through Paytm app, this offer will be available. This offer is only applicable for first time cylinder booking or payment through Paytm of existing cylinder.

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This will be applicable when a minimum of Rs. 500 to be paid. This offer can be availed only once during the campaign. This offer is valid till March 31, 2021. You must open a scratch card after payment to claim cashback. If you haven't opened the scratch card at the time of payment, you can view and scratch it later by visiting the Cashback and Offers section in the Paytm app. Each scratch card expires after seven days from the date of issue, you must create a scratch card and apply it first to win cashback.