After smartphones and smart TVs, smart fans, mobiles will have speed control

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In today's age of technology, the currency of smart devices has increased day by day. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart technology is growing day by day, especially in the home appliances segment.

After smartphones and smart TVs, smart fans, mobiles will have speed control

Along with Smart TV and Smartphone, Smart Fans are also present in the market now. Now you may be wondering if the price will be much higher if there is new technology, but let me tell you that the price of a smart fan is very low.

You can control the speed of the smart fan from your mobile and voice. Apart from this, it will also be up to you to turn it on and off. If you also want to install this smart fan in your home, let us know the price of smart fan and its features.

Atomberg Efficio Smart Fan

You can buy this Atomberg Efficio Smart Fan with a convincing look on Flipkart for just Rs 2599. You can control this reasonably priced smart fan only remotely, not by phone. The Blade sweep size in the 5-speed Atomberg Smart Fan will be 1200 mm.

Orient Remote Wendy Smart Fan

Orient's remote control smart fan can be purchased from Amazon for just Rs 3,400. With a blade sweep size of 1200 mm, the smart fan of this famous company is looking very stylish in black gold color. However this does not support this fan voice command.

Orient Electric Ecotech Plus Smart Fan

You will be able to control this second smartphone of Orient Company remotely. This brown color smartphone has 5 speed mode and the price is only 2660 rupees.

Ottomate Smart Fan

Lava International's sub-brand Ottomate's smart ceiling fan is priced at Rs 3,999. This smart fan will come with Bluetooth support, which allows you to turn the fan on or off via mobile phone.

To connect the phone to the fan, you need to download an application called Ottomate from the Play Store, in which you can select the modes of your choice. From the app itself you can increase the speed of the fan 10 times.

Interestingly, this makes the fan a manual mode of the smart fan. After setting the manual mode the fan speed will be set depending on the temperature and humidity of your room.

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