Assistance Scheme Barbed wire fence Plan, Form filling Turned on & Full Details Open

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The Gujarat government lowered some of the limitations in the terms and conditions of the plan for barbed wire fences around the farm, which was also discussed among the farmer friends. Found on our website Freda post. For this purpose we have brought today some information about this scheme which will be really useful to you

◆ Full name of the scheme
Iron barbed wire fence scheme around the farm to prevent damage to farmers' crops by wild animals

◆ Time limit for application

Date: 30/12/2050 to 31/01/2021 Your application can be accepted

◆ Plan information
The assistance payable under this scheme will be paid in two phases. In the first phase, after verification of erection of pillars by the farmers, 50% assistance (Rs. 100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less) will be paid.

While 50% assistance payable for the second phase (Rs. 100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less) after completion of the work Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Payment will be made upon receipt of inspection report including GPS location tagging of third party nominated by. And the benefit of this scheme can be availed only once in a lifetime which is remarkable

◆ Specifications for wire fencing

● The size of the pit for erecting the pillars 0.50 , 0.50 , 0.50 m
● Pillar Size: (Cement Concrete Pillar, Approved Quality, Minimum Four Wires and Minimum Diameter 3.50 mm) 2.40 x 0.10 x 0.10 m
● The minimum distance between the two pillars is 3 meters
● Auxiliary pillars should be placed on both sides every fifteen meters. Its size will be the same as the original pillar.
● 1 cement at the base of the pillar: 5 sands: 10 According to Kali Kapchi, the foundation should be filled with cement concrete.
● The minimum diameter of line wire and point wire for barbed wire is 2.50 mm. Plus-minus 0.08 mm. Will remain. Bored wire ISI. Marked, galvanized, double wire and G.I. Should be coated.

☑️ Important Link
👉Official Site  : Click Here
👉Official Circular : Click Here

◆ How to apply
To apply, you have to go to your Gram Panchayat Village Computer Entrepreneur (VCE) or Cyber ​​Cafe