PM Modi Lays Foundation Stone For Drinking Water Supply Projects In Mirzapur And Sonbhadra

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 The Central Government has been working on a mission to provide clean drinking water to the people for the last one year and schemes have been launched in various states. PM Modi laid the foundation stone of such schemes for UP Today.

  • Water will reach the districts of UP through pipes 
  • PM Modi launches thousands of crore scheme
  • PM Modi said that getting clean water will improve the health of chidden

PM Modi today laid the foundation stone of a plan to supply drinking water from 23 rural pipes to Sonbhadra and Mirzapur. PM Modi launched these projects through video conferencing. The event was joined by state CM Yogi Adityanath Sonbhadra. The scheme will provide clean drinking water to about 41 lakh people at a cost of Rs 5,555 crore.

PM Modi said that under this scheme, millions of families will have access to safe drinking water. He said that the region has been neglected since independence and Vindhyanchal and Bundelkhand have been neglected.

PM Modi also mentioned Rahim in his speech and said that Vindhya mountain has been a center of faith, holiness and faith since ancient times. Life's big problem will now be solved. This confidence and enthusiasm I see in you.

Notably, the central government is now working on a mission to deliver water to people at home. Referring to the campaign, PM Modi said that the campaign has been going on for more than a year and  the meantime more than 26 million families in the country have been provided with pure water in their homes. There are millions of families in UP. The life of mothers and sisters is being made easier by delivering water through pipes to homes under the Water Life Mission. Diseases caused by dirty water are decreasing. 


PM Modi said that if water comes through pipes in 40 lakh houses in 3000 villages, people's lives will change.